Chen Family Code of Ethics

Requirements of Character

  • 端 (Duan) - Propriety, dignity of bearing (duan)
  • 公 (Gong) - Fairness, impartiality
  • 仁 (Ren) - Kindness, benevolence
  • 浩 (Hao) - Nobility, broad mindedness
  • 忠 (Zhong) - Loyalty, faithfulness
  • 诚 (Cheng) - Honesty, sincerety
  • 敬 (Jing) - Respect, esteem for one's teachers and elders
  • 正 (Zheng) - Integrity, decency
  • 义 (Yi) - Righteousness, what is right
  • 勇 (Yong) - Bravery, ready to fight for a just cause
  • 信 (Xin) - Trustworthyness, good faith
  • 德 (De) - Morality, ethical conduct

The Twenty Prohibitions

1.) Do not rely on a position of authority to bully others.
2.) Do not defer to the strong out of fear or insult the weak.
3.) Do not fear for oneself, come to the aid of others in danger.
4.) Do not commit crimes.
5.) Do not rely on your gongfu skills to fight with others.
6.) Do not take advantage of a superior position to become arrogant.
7.) Do not sell your art on the street.
8.) Do not travel here and there to set up a clique.
9.) Do not wallow in luxury, or live a pauper's existence.
10.) Do not be prideful or self-satisfied.
11.) Do not get into arguments with a crazy or violent person.
12.) Do not contend with the ignorant.
13.) Do not be proud toward the poor or fawn on the rich.
14.) Do not hanker after ill-gotten gains.
15.) Do not have anything to do with drinking or prostitution.
16.) Do not refuse to pay any public or private obligations.
17.) Do not use public office for personal ends.
18.) Do not pursue the trappings of high office or a handsome salary.
19.) Do not betray your country or be a rotter.
20.) Do not slack off and waste your time by not practicing.