Kids Classes - Thursday Nights

        in Overland Park, Kansas

No Class in June 2019. Classes resume July 11, 2019.

Chen Huixian has a deep knowledge of how to help children develop a strong foundation in the basic fundamentals of traditional Chinese Martial Arts that comes from her own personal experiences.

Born into a famous martial arts family, she began her training at the early age of 6-years-old and has been practicing ever since.

In addition to her years of experience teaching Chen Taijiquan to adults, both in the U.S. and in China, Chen Huixian is also the former Head Taijiquan Coach for the Yongtai Temple Women's Martial Arts School (永泰寺女子武校), the all-female branch of the Shaolin Monastery and the only all-female Shaolin Gongfu school in China.

While at Yongtai Temple, Ms. Chen trained girls between the ages of 5 and 15 in Traditional Chinese Taijiquan Gongfu, Push-Hands, and Weapons forms.

In the Kansas City area, Chen Huixian has taught Tai Chi and Kung Fu to children of all ages through a number of local organizations. She has been invited to teach children at the Pembroke Hill School, St. Teresa's Academy, the Confucius Institute of The University of Kansas, the Nelson-Atkins Museum, and the Foreign Language Academy, to name a few.

Benefits of Kids Tai Chi and Kung fu Training:

  • • Build balance, coordination, flexibility, body conditioning and strength!
  • • Develop focus, concentration, awareness, discipline and confidence!
  • • Have fun and stay fit with Traditional Chinese Gong Fu training!

Kids Class Schedule:

  • Ages 4 to 6 (and Beginners) Thursday Nights 6:30pm - 7:00pm (30-minutes)
  • Ages 7 to 12 (and Intermediates) Thursday Nights 6:30pm - 7:30pm (1-hour)

Class Tuition:

  • • Only $10 per 30-minute class, $20 per 1-hour class
  • • Sign up for the whole month at a discounted rate of only $35 per month for 30-minutes per week and $55 per month for 1-hour per week
           *Monthly discounts are only available if paid at the first class of each month

Class Uniforms:

  • • Class Uniform is our School T-shirt and Black Kung Fu pants
  • • T-shirts are available for $10 each
  • • Kung Fu pants are available for $20 each
  • (T-shirts are Golden Yellow, 100% cotton, with our school logo on the front, and Chinese calligraphy on the back. Our Kung Fu pants are a poly.cotton blend and made by Chen Huixian's family in Chenjiagou, China!)
  •   *Uniforms are not required, but they are encouraged to help unify the Team Spirit of the class.)